Posted on: April 28, 2008 4:43 am

The First One: Hi, My Name Is...

This first one is basically a personal version of the "Who are you?" thread on the basketball board.  I don't have anything special to say this late at night.

About Me

Name: Brett.  I'm not giving out my last name.  I'd prefer not to compromise my security on the digital plane.  And no, I wasn't named after Favre.

Born: 1-6-86

Sports: I was an awesome goalie when I was little (I scored a goal from the opposite goalie box on a punt), but switched to football when it started in sixth grade.  Then I quit after my sophomore year because as a 5'10" quarterback I wasn't tall enough to see over my lineman and I didn't want to take the pounding I'd get on Varsity.  I also played baseball from when my dad could get me to hold a bat until I quit right before my senior season started.  Basketball was always my favorite sport, though, and I played that one all the way through senior year.

School:   I went to high school at New Berlin Eisenhower HS, the current DII state champs in basketball (I love saying that).  I graduated from there in 2004.  I currently attend Wisconsin and am trying to fail my way out of the School of Pharmacy.

Teams: I've always been a Packer, Brewer, Buck, and Badger fan.  I went through a Marquette basketball phase during high school because I lived in SE Wisconsin and Dwayne Wade was there, but now they're right up near the top of my hate list.  I didn't really become that big of a Badger fan until I got here (more a fan of pro sports before then), and I've gradually lost interest in pro basketball because I can't stand the style of play and the Bucks suck.

Handles: I started on here as "GoSconnie," and the name of the blog is kind of an allusion to that.  And thanks to the guys at Ike who formed Skanorrhea and gave me the idea in the first place (I assume you don't mind being copied).  Now I use "komacki" on all the message boards I belong to.  Right now that list includes here, Recruiting Planet, Scout/Badger Nation, and WSN.

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